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February 17th, 2005

01:27 am - .Wind Me Up And Watch Me Go.
Today was a hop-skip day, not skip-hop and sans the "jump"...only because it's Wed.

Shooting the Campus magazine cover this Saturday, all I have to say is I do NOT want to be up at 6 am in a swimsuit, but free things are nice.

Recently acquiring a fake ID only to go out drinking at a restaurant and being seated right next to a group of policemen...down that sake grrls.

I am going to read Mother Tongue, I've heard it's a great book, and I always felt more in touch with my "1/8 Mexican" side reading about..yanno "my people"

A lot of my friends are getting broked up with lately, and I hope their hearts will feel better soon. Everyone needs a tiara, everyday.

I hope to regain creativity in my livej "space" here soon, please ignore the poor decorating, what with the avacado greens and paisley pinK, I’ve been doing for ohhh.. The past year. My life lacks tragedy, thus, I have nothing to write.

I am the fish that lives in the bowl, that spits her rocks out not only to cause unnecessary commotion, but to further her motherly instinct.

Goodnight moon.

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February 9th, 2005

10:02 pm
Sorry to anyone that's called me in the past few days, i am so sick i don't know what to do. Achy body, fever, phlegm... this was god writing me a big fat pay check for going out all night every night...

to anyone else who feels like i do, get better!
Current Mood: sicksick

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February 5th, 2005

01:01 am - Dyker and Skizz
I'm not drunk but not thinking. Red Tags suck, but the beans were good. Business frats are fab and so are hummer limos (GOO MALLORY!). Iness and I are going to North next friday and drinkinnnnng. Tomorrow, i watch the standford game drunk 5th row with a certain jew, watch for me on CBS with my Cant Beat Saleem poster.. get it? you suuuree do.

Arabian Nights!

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January 31st, 2005

01:02 pm - Skeet Skeet Skeet I'm A Bar Slut
So Pretty Much I Like Drinking Beer Lately.
Current Mood: Bien, muy Bien
Current Music: Fu Man Chu(!) FUMANCHU

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January 19th, 2005

01:31 pm - Things That Go Bump In The Night (!!!)
Who Got A Job At MAC?? Oh Right, That's Me. I'm thooo excited, but I musn't forget to disinfect.

Went Sake Bombing last night, it was a lot of fun, met a lot of nice, classy broads. Sweet.

School is good, I know people in all of my classes. My Math Teacher is a Middle Eastern woman, she is so beautiful.

I am going to write a book about the prom dress lady who walks with a parasol all the way from Catalina to Wild Oats... and obviously Highfalutin... It's going to be called "The Umbrella Diaries" .yup.

According to Jeremy Ray... There is a porno with a girl that looks so much like me "it's fucking insane". Needless to say, we're watching it.

My puppy got spayed today... I hope she'll be alright <3

ok. off to Brian's.
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic

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January 6th, 2005

05:52 pm
So I wasn't going to post this for a while but... this is my new puppy. I "adopted" her from my new friend Candice, the 38 year old Wells Fargo pilot. She was kept in a kennel for ten hours a day. Poor Baby...Her name is Sophia Loren.

Been busy, thanks to everyone who offered to model for my MAC thing, My interview went fab and the manager offered my a higher position then I had originally thought.

Shawn is my new personal trainer, my arms are getting definition.. if that POSSIBLE for my little arms??

ok. just a quick update for the dyker and halfajew.

Off to go drink with drew then play beer pong with emma-bemma.
Current Mood: Ruffy
Current Music: Larry King Live's Tsunami Prostitute Single

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December 30th, 2004

I need a model! Monday at noon, at the M.A.C. makeup counter at the Park Mall. Free Make-up application.

If you or anyone you know is available. Please let me know a.s.a.p. It will be funnnn.

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December 14th, 2004

11:40 pm - [ABSOLUTE] Winter WonderLAND!
I am the coctail concoction queen... Ms. Shriley with a twist(ted skrrrrt! OHH).

Life has been grandiose (I very much fancy that word)... I seriously love all of my friends, I could not be any more content this week. Best Friend's Birthday.. some Phoenix time elise/ward stylee.. more ho-riding with Emma? 3wayin' it stylee with the dyke and jew herself. I'm such a lucky grrrl.

TheFaceBook is like High School reunion. Going to be hanging out with everyone, I can't wait to catch up with all the crazies from my past(!)

Speaking of High School.. I feel so very sorry for you my dear and your inability to grow up. Life is beyond he said she said and silly lyrics. Learn to e.n.j.o.y. yourself, and then perhaps you will see what I mean.
^I am becoming the ZEN masta. Alicia Hickey is converting meeee.

Tonight Scotty Ward and Myself peddled and peddled at spinning class, my little stick legs are now on steroids and vodka.

Still a Hippie at heart

Kathy Louise Ward.. Hoppy Hoppy Brithday!

Kissels under the Missletoe! Hope you MP3 play till your hearts content.
Kit Ward
Current Mood: Fizzy Like Tonic

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December 6th, 2004

05:35 pm - .I know we're co-ol.
Frilly Skirts make the grrlies go-a-go. I'll paint mine piNK. Mimosa is such a pretty potion, glittering baby bubbles; I'd float near the top. Skim it!

A gecko once told me that I had dorthy shoes and snapped my left knee when i walked. I smiled greaciously and click clacked all the way home.

Mrs. Monroe's lips were red from the lies and pressure of the chromosones. Poor beautiful tragic.

It's beginning to look a lot like KISSmas around here. How glam
Current Mood: Sparkkkling

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November 30th, 2004

09:43 pm
I fainted tonight. It was some scary shit.

I have to agree with Gwen, Harajuku is my fashion utopia....

Oh my luffs... one way ticket to Tokyo.please.

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